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Have a drink tonight

So this a song text I wrote more than 30 years ago, just stumbled over it and still like the message 😉 – though not necessarily the way it is written. Any ideas to improve it?


Have a drink tonight


  1. You are lonely so you are

strolling through the streets of downtown.

Sitting in a pub

you wanna meet just somebody


Chorus Have a drink tonight

give your senses away

have a drink tonight

give your soul away


2. Is there somebody coming?

Oh no, no-one is coming.

Where are the people, where is the life?

Where are the friends, where is your love?


Chorus: Have a drink tonight

give your love away

have a drink tonight

give your life away.

























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Postcards for me are a sign of appreciation. Someone took the time to go and search for a postcard with a suitable picture, went home and actually wrote down a personal note for me, then went and bought a stamp and put it into a letterbox.

That’s a lot of time and thinking that person went through to let me know that he or she is thinking of me. What a treasure!

Of course, on a postcard no one will write secrets and deep thoughts. Still, it’s a sign that I’m worth the time  (and the money) that person invested to let me know I am  not alone.

So I really treasure every postcard or greeting card I receive.

And I myself love not only to write but also to create postcards. Who wonders? 😉

Examples of my self designed postcards:

More information on postcards history:

The world’s oldest postcard was sent in 1840 to the writer Theodore Hook from Fulham in London, England.



What I like

Lets make a list they said. About what you’re good at, things I wish, things I learned or things I like.

A list about things I like! There are so many things I like so it seems easy to write about it. But then… a list. A bit boring? Just so many words written down one after another when there is so much emotion behind every word. Do you really want to know the things I like?

Perhaps the idea is not so bad after all. You may find that we have some things in common, a starting point to get to know each other. What do you think?

What do you think about tea for example? So many people need coffee to get through the day. I need tea. Lots of tea. Black, brown, green, white. With and without flavor. With and without spices. In Germany, spiced teas are called Chai-Tea. There’s one with Assam CTC, Cinnamon, Cardamom and lots of other spices which I so love to start the morning. A fine matcha to have a moment of awareness during the day or a jasmine tea after dinner make me happy. Also, there are lots of legends around tea. Would be a good idea for another article 😉

Books. I read. I’m one of the rare species who love to read paper-books. The real ones 😉 Do you read? And which medium do you prefer? For me, there’s nothing more comforting than snuggle on my couch with an entertaining book and a cup of tea (here it is again!) Be it the wonderful compilation about woman artists by Bridget Quinn or a fantasy novel.

Woman artists. I’m one myself. Drawing and painting is essential to me. Can’t live without color. Especially in winter, when nature paints black and white I like to add some other colors to it. By the way, all pictures and photos on this blog are by me. Though its fascinating to create a black and white picture, its also especially tricky.

A lot of my paintings show the sea. I will try to add some diversity on this blog and post also other themes. Still, the sea in general and the North Sea of Denmark is another thing I like. I mean, I really like it. Need to go there once a year. Nordic by nature 😀

For sure a lot more things inspire a smile but for now I’m closing this article hoping you enjoyed the read and wishing you  an evening, a day, a week full of wonders.


Because I can…

  1. A simple question: why do I write? There’s more than one answer to it. First another question:
  2. Why do I write in english? One simple answer: I want to practice my english because it is not my mothertongue.

Back to the first question.

Sorting out things can be difficult, especially when you are dealing with depression. One possible part of a therapy may be to write things down. The negative ones to get rid of them, the positive ones to keep them in mind. Wait – you write it down to forget and to remember?

Seems a bit, well, at least irritating.

When I write down things which bother me, I can let go of them. There is always the possibility that those things get more meaning than they have, that they get a weight I don’t want to give them. To get control over this mechanism I write down things I am thankful for, as well. Things or events that made me happy, or which I enjoyed. And it’s important to write down the positives after the negatives. That way I have positive thoughts when going to sleep.


2014-05-14 21.32.04




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Between Time and Space

flying between time and space
how does it feel?
I want to know
unfolding my wings
hitting for the sky
diving into the sea
resting on golden red leaves of the next indian summer tree

dreaming of you and of

flying between time and space
how does it feel?
I want to know
unfolding my wings
hitting for the sky
diving into the sea
resting on golden red leaves of the next indian summer tree

is a feeling like resting in your arms